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Child Behavioral Health Solutions (CBHS)  provides individualized behavioral health services to children, adolescents, and families. Our practice offers a warm and supportive environment to promote academic, social, behavioral, and emotional success.

CBHS staff is comprised of a psychologist, therapists, occupational therapist, and educational consultants.  We utilize evidence- based practices and understand the importance of a collaborative approach when treating children and adolescents. 

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Therapy, also known as psychotherapy, involves therapeutic interactions between a therapist and a child/teen or family. There are several types of psychotherapy that involve different approaches, techniques, and interventions.



CBHS offers comprehensive testing services for children and adolescents including psychoeducational and psychological evaluations, as well as ADHD assessments and Autism evaluations. 

Parental Training 

Behavioral Parent Training (BPT) is a program that helps parents learn ways to help their child behave better. BPT is done with a mental health professional who meets parents in person, in groups, or through video or the web. It is important for parents to find a BPT that fits the needs of their family. It is also important to find a program that has been shown to help change behavior problems.


Our pediatric occupational therapist provides consultation services to address concerns about fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, and visual motor skills.

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11350 McCormick Road

EP IV Suite LL 10

Hunt Valley, MD 21031 \\ Tel: 410-525-5333

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30 East Padonia Road

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Timonium, MD 21093 \\ Tel: 410-525-5333

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