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Consultative Services

Some children may require enhanced problem solving with their school team. CBHS therapists work as members of the school teams to represent the client and family. As a team member, we provide evidence-based behavior management techniques to decrease problematic school behaviors and improve performance.

School Consultative Services

Every parent wants the best for their child. When a student is struggling in the school setting, this causes a lot of anxiety for the students, parents as well as the teachers. At times, what the teachers may view as a necessary intervention may conflict with the parent’s views.

A school consultation will allow the CBHS to work with the schools by using a collaborative, non-adversarial and strength-based approach. The specific services include:

  • Addressing areas of need, including formal and informal accommodations specifically designed for the student

  • Facilitating an assessment to understand whether a student may benefit from further eligibility such as a 504 plan or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

  • Facilitate a functional behavior assessment to gain a better understanding of the student’s functioning in the school setting. (Please see “Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing” for further information regarding this intervention

  • Develop a collaborative relationship with the parents and teachers in order to develop the most appropriate intervention

  • Act as a mediator and consultant to the school district on behalf of the family which may involve attending IEP meetings, staffing’s as well as other individualized services.

  • Educate the family about the IEP and 504 plan process in order to provide them with the proper tools and confidence to meet their child’s individualized needs.

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